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4 Main Reasons for A Catamaran

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1. Comfort

Space is luxury and it comes with a hefty price. In a catamaran you get much more quality space for the same length of your yacht. The price of a yacht increases exponentially with its length

Spacious Living Room
Sustainable Energy

2. Eco (nomy)

With up to 40% reduction in fuel

More quality space for your bucks!

Beach Waves

4. Harbour Access

Length is many times the main restriction in harbours to get to the spot you want.

With a much shallower draft your accss both in the harbour and bay easily surpasses other yachts with similar space

3. Stability

Wave decoupling reduces the rolling and heeling behaviour of the yacht by up to 90 percent compared to conventional yachts (torpedo hull).

Seasicknss is easily caused when a single hull yacht roles from side to side due to even the tiniest waves. On a catamaran this motion is fundamentally different, way smaller and causes much less problems.

Stone Balancing

...and the list of advantages and possibilities with a catamaran goes on and on...


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